Our Mission:  Action for the Betterment of our Community improves the quality of life by collaborating to reduce substance use and high risk behaviors among youth, and address other social issues that may threaten the health and safety of communities and families. 


Our Vision:  Action for the Betterment of our Community, through a strong and involved coalition, envisions communities where all have equal access to resources and opportunities resulting in the ability to achieve the highest quality of life. 


It is our responsibility to: 

Actively and passionately support community coalitions to address social issues

Better the quality of life to improve and strengthen communities

Create and sustain community partnerships. 

The Action for the Betterment of our Community (ABC) passionately and collaboratively enhances the greater Sturgis area’s environment by addressing social problems and implementing strategies to solve them. Through proactive education and innovative programs that are tailored to the community, ABC is committed to creating a cohesive culture, which promotes healthy lifestyles. In particular, ABC raises awareness of behavioral and mental health issues while simultaneously mobilizing a multi-generational network of community- and youth-focused individuals and organizations. ABC supports and engages civic leaders, coalition members, and community members with the goal of forming a resourceful, sustainable and vital community. ABC is also a strong partner in the state-wide effort to reduce and prevent drug and alcohol abuse.



ABC is committed to an efficient organizational structure by defining and maximizing the roles of its personnel, Board of Directors and Coalition members. Creating a proficient and effective organizational business infrastructure will provide strategic direction, promote a cohesive culture, develop leadership and propel individuals and organizations to initiate and facilitate healthy lifestyles education, activities and trainings. ABC acknowledges the necessity for professional standards and values, which promote internal and external communication.



Initiatives fostered through the ABC mission advance community health and safety accountability while being fiscally responsible. ABC’s collective passion and energy stimulates its strategic partners to expand their greater mission success.



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1807 Williams St. (Main Office) 1428 Short Track Rd (After School)  Sturgis, SD 57785


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